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These products are build for multiple purposes like home improvement, work or personal finance



The do it yourself calculator for your home! Decorating or remodelling your home? Use DIY-calculator and calculate with ease products for areas in your home

Voxil Planner

Voxil Planner WORK

The affordable and complete employee and job planning with CRM module build-in. Easly create invoice-templates with Word and manage yur business with a financial dashboard.



Feeling that you've lost control of your financial life? Budgy is coming to help you! Import your bank statements and let Budgy do the work. It calculates your income and expenses and provides your to take a look in the future.

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Website creation

You are starting a new business? Now it's time to build your online presence. Or it's time to update your old site? Codershop got you covered!

App Development

You have the idea for a killer app? Or need to expand your sales funnel? Codershop builds beautiful native experiences.

Desktop Development

Codershop is also right at home building desktop applications. Build multi-platform (Windows, MacOS, Linux) applications for maximum usage.


Already having a programmer? Or not sure how to start? Ask Codershop for help and mayby we could be of service.

Content creation

Having a permanent online presence needs a frequent update of site content. In order to get possible higher Google ranking Codershop can create relevant content for your site.

Custom work

You want to make a new Facebook? Or something completely different? Let's have a chat!

Brewing ideas and code

"We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done" - Alan Turing

Basic site

Want a clear, fast and complete solution?

  • Pick from multiple designs
  • Create initial content
  • Hosting
  • Fixed format results in sharp pricing
  • Between € 1000,- and € 1950,- (ex. VAT)
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Custom work hourly rate

When creating something special, an hourly rate is applied

  • No hidden costs
  • Frequent progress reports
  • Pay as you go
  • € 45,- an hour (ex. VAT)
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Fixed pricing

For your peace of mind, it's possible to get a complete quote.

  • One clear price
  • Pay in multiple parts
  • Frequent progress reports
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